Inventing My Future

My name is Esther Murugi Ndwiga; I am at the tender age of sixteen and in a family of three siblings totalling to six of us. I was born in Nairobi. Pumwani Hospital to be specific. No… don’t get me wrong, my birth place doesn’t make me a Nairobian, I am no citizen of any county but of my country Kenya. Kenya is my tribe, my race, my family. Remember, we are a people, one people?

However one might ask who am I really? What lies beyond my eyeball? What exactly is my shade? Am I different?

Of course, I am a female embracing feminism, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie puts it. I have dreams and ambitions just like everybody else. Mine is to see a world conducive for everyone to live in. A successful era of achieved beings. A world wiped off its vices.

But how am I doing this?

Well, it’s simple, I am taking a step. I am using my voice to make it happen. I am telling the core generation that it’s no time to retreat but repatriate back to our envisions. So far I have made a speech to the youth in my home county – Embu. I am also currently creating a revolutionary company that I call BMAS– Buy Me A Shoe- that aims at clothing this great nation and ensuring we kick jiggers out of the country. These initiatives will be made possible through partnerships, contributions, sponsorships and donations from interested individuals and organisations that have bought into the dream.


What keeps me moving is not the cup of tea I love sipping in every morning but the urge to fuel in a better me. My educational background: I am currently a student in form three at The Kenya High School. A home away from home that makes me realize every day that it’s time to wake up and be who I am.

I have many things I am thankful for… In my life, I want to give a mighty thumbs up to God for his GOD GIVEN talent. I recognise this every single day.  I also acknowledge that my parents are the reason I keep on pushing harder. One because I want to become better than them and two, because I want to give them a big thank you for their numerous efforts and never giving up on me. Every achiever in this ovular world is my role model. Thank you Carolyne for making this happen.

Lastly – I love the saying by Alan Kay: THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO INVENT IT. My invention starts now. I look forward to pursuing law as a career. That aside, I also love acting and writing articles. I will say again what I said in the beginning – I use my voice to inspire, and I am therefore looking forward to venturing into the world of public speaking and reach out to many hearts. Your support to help me help a soul will be highly appreciated.

Author: Esther Murugi Ndwiga

Esther is an aspiring author and public speaker, who is currently leading interventions towards empowering the youth to live fulfilling lives. To support her BMAS initiative – you may reach her on

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